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Low Cost - Can buy dozens of snares for the same price of a few traps.   Less attractive to thieves

Versatile - The same snare can be used for fox, coyote, coon, badger, beaver, skunk or opossum.

Weather Proof - Rain, freezing weather, strong winds or snow will not hinder a snare's performance

Easy to use - Snaring is very simple.  Faster and easier then most trap sets

Selective - Small animals such as birds and mice will not be caught

Compact & Light - Over a hundred snares can be put in a 5 gallon bucket.  A dozen snares weighs very little and can easily be carried in a hunting vest.

Natural - Catches many trap shy animals.  A snare loop looks like a weed or piece of grass to most animals.

Caution - Do not use snares where livestock are grazing. Use deer stops, a breakaway device or step-over sticks when deer or livestock are present. 

Any Situation - Can use in any situation that a body gripping trap is used at a fraction of the cost.  They will increase fox catches over the Conibear System for coon


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