Advantages of Snaring

Low Cost

Can buy dozens of snares for the same price of a few traps. Less attractive to thieves


The same snare can be used for fox, coyote, coon, badger, beaver, skunk or opossum.

Weather Proof 

Rain, freezing weather, strong winds or snow will not hinder a snare's performance

Easy To Use

Snaring is very simple. Faster and easier then most trap sets


Small animals such as birds and mice will not be caught

Compact & Light

Over a hundred snares can be put in a 5 gallon bucket. A dozen snares weighs very little and can easily be carried in a hunting vest.


Catches many trap shy animals. A snare loop looks like a weed or piece of grass to most animals.


Do not use snares where livestock are grazing. Use deer stops, a breakaway device or step-over sticks when deer or livestock are present.

Any Situation

Can use in any situation that a body gripping trap is used at a fraction of the cost. They will increase fox catches over the Conibear System for coon