Instruction Manuals

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All Weather Fire Starters

Amberg Swager

American Swag Tool 1/16"

Barrell Kit

Belisle Foot Snare

Black Hole Coon Triggers

Black Hole Traps

Body Grip Trap Setting

Bucket Kit

Cinch Gopher Trap

Cinch Mole Trap


Death Klutch Gopher Trap

Duffer Coon Trap

EverReady Beaver Snare

EZ Grizz Trap Setter

Fremont #809 Fox Snare

Fremont Bear Foot Snare

Gopher Getter Box Trap

Hand, #1SC and Bench Swager

Hide Tanning Formula

M-15 Bear Snare

MB 650 Trap Setter

Mini Ram Ram Wolfmaster

No-Mol Traps

Pogo Anchors

Pole Syringe

Ram Power Snares

Ram Power Snare #1

Ram Power Snare #2

SC Coil Spring Trap Setter

SC #3 Trap Setter

SC #4 Trap Setter

Snaring Guide - Beaver

Snaring Guide - Coon

Snaring Guide - Coyote

Snaring Guide - Fox

Snaring Guide - Survival and Small Game

Snare Shop Swager

Swage-It #2 Tool

Swage-It #3 Tool

Universal Support Collars

Wire Gopher Trap Instructions