what clients say

"I have been trapping for 3 years with your product, your product is unbelievable! I live on Prince of Wales island and I have been successful with your traps on mink, beaver and wolf."
Posted By: Thomas George Barlow
"I must say I am very impressed with the product and will be giving you all my business and will be telling others about your site.  I was very pleased with the pricing of the product, which is less than others and more durable.  I bought the Alligator snare # 532 and it helped land a 10 foot 9 inch alligator here in Mississippi. "
Posted By: Ben West
"I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding customer service! I had emailed "The Snare Shop" last week, outlining my desire to expand my coyote trap line to include snaring for our deep snow coyotes. Kim sent me back an email the next day with a recommendation (Johnny Graham's "SNARING COYOTES-MODERN METHODS FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS"), which was deeply informative and helped me better grasp some concepts I was lacking in. Then I placed my order on my order at 7:00pm on Wednesday night and it was sitting on my door step when I got home on Friday night! Wow! You've got a customer for life! Thank you very much. "
Posted By: Josh Short
"Have to say I am incredibly impressed at your response, both by a phone call and an email message, and on a weekend to boot. You just don't see customer service like this anymore.  The delivery was at my doorstep this morning as you stated it would be. I also noticed that you sent me new bolts that will work on the live bucket trap kits, instead of the original ones you sent me with the first one I ordered. Again, you listened to your customer and made good appropriate changes. Bravo to your organization. Even a small time hobby trapper like me has a voice that you listen too. "
Posted By: Jim McArdle
"I received my order today … these snares are very well made, and top of the line! Glad I found your shop."
Posted By: Chris
"This is my second order and I have been impressed on how fast each has been filled and shipped. The merchandise is also top notch. My son and I attended a trapping class in Red Oak in October and received two snares and a catalog from Snare Shop. That is how we found out about your store. Thank you very much for sponsoring the class! "
Posted By: Anonymous
"You guys are the best!! So very fast!!"
Posted By: Mark
"My order came the very next day.. Thank you so much for getting it so soon. I passed this onto Trappers Talk on Facebook. "
Posted By: Jon M.
"Thank you, I have always received quality products and prompt service.  I have caught over 250 coyotes in the last five years with Snare shop snares.  I give out your name and product to people continuously in conversation about my coyote snares.   Continue on like you are and you will go far."
Posted By: Gregory S Fox
"I placed my first order of three bottles of tanning solution on Friday the 10th. To my great surprise I received them this afternoon in the mail. I was truly shocked. I wanted to tell you that I am very satisfied with your service. The swiftness of you processing is astonishing. I am tanning three whitetail hides for the first time. I started with the instructions from the bottle of hunters and trappers tanning solution that is listed on your website hoping I would receive the solution in time for that step. Because of your timely processing and shipping I have the solution a day before I need it. Now I can relax a little. Anyway I am grateful to you and look forward to do business again soon. I will also be telling everyone I know about your business.  Thanks again "
Posted By: Michael Commet
"Thank yall, you had the best over all price and selection...I will be ordering what I need from you from now on."
Posted By: Brandon
"I received my order from you today THANKS it was so quick and right. I will use you in the future THANKS AGAIN! "
Posted By: Rodney
"You are best I order on Thursday an got it on Monday thank you"
Posted By: David
"I have been nothing but pleased with The Snareshop.  Your prices and your extremely fast turn around on orders and shipping.  Your catalog is also very helpful in figuring out what I need and how much.  "
Posted By: Shane
"I have received my order and everything is exactly as I had ordered. Thanks you for the excellent service."
Posted By: Tom Banks
"I was surprised that in one day I got 12 coyotes after one spot check! Thanks Snare Shop!   "
Posted By: Anonymous
"I am almost 70 years old, and have trapped and snared for well over fifty years. I trap in the mountains of Idaho, and most of the time its deep , deep snow.  I have ordered from many places, for many years. The speed in which my orders have been sent out is unsurpassed. You have most products I use, and they are at a fair price. thank you."
Posted By: Lawrence in N.Idaho
"I bought beaver snares and have never used a snare in my life.  I needed to get rid of some beaver that were destroying tons of trees along a creek where I live.  I didn't have any luck when I simply put out the snares, but then I ordered some beaver lure and have had 2 beaver so far.  Hoping to get more in the coming week.  Thanks for the great product and info on your site.   "
Posted By: LeeAnn
"Over the years I have used your snares to catch stray dogs that are box trap shy. Thanks to you and your fast service, I was able to fix my reclining chair that needed a 3/64 cable. I ordered some 3/64 copper stops and a swagging tool and fixed the problem. It is impossible to find parts like this in Chicago. If you ask someone in the hardware store for a swagging tool they just get a dumbfounded look on their face. Thanks again for your great service and informative web site!"
Posted By: John Norton
"I have to say you have a very nice set up there in Lidderdale!  I am getting back in to trapping after having been away from it for a while and was very pleased to say the least, with the service I received the day I stopped in to grab some gear! Top notch gear, top notch facility, top notch service!  "
Posted By: Todd James
"Ordered Sunday night and it was my first time buying snares. Here wednesday and the order was right, nothing missing or back order. Wow a place thats gets you your order right and fast."
Posted By: Richard Henney
"Good morning, I just received my order yesterday. I would personally like to thank you for your service. I support American made products and I also make a promise to you of passing on my experience to my fellow hunting friends. "
Posted By: Joe Melvin
"This is our 4th year using your Jersey legal snares with no losses due to breaking or chewed snares. Even though the winter was very mild we were still able to catch 5 coyote 11 red fox and 94 raccoon. Our largest coyotes are weighing in at over 60 pounds. With this kind of success we will continue to order our snares from the snare shop. Thanks again"
Posted By: Dean & Blake McKee
"Please be adviced that should I need any more trapping supplies you will be number one for me.  Thanks so much for such speedy service. Ordered Friday received it on Monday. Outstanding... Thanks again "
Posted By: Fred C. Smoak
"From all the positive reviews I have read about your company and my email stating my order has been shipped so quickly, I would not want to order from any other company. Thanks for such great service."
Posted By: Fred C. Smoak
"I did business with the snare shop years ago and appreciated the customer service.  It seems that I'm still in good hands for my trapping supplies. Thanks "
Posted By: Matt
"Great service and good prices... How could I complain? Thanks again for your services. I will be placing future orders through out the summer increasing my supplies with you.Thank you!"
Posted By: Michael Powell Tri-State Nuisance Control
"I just wanted to say thanks for getting my order to me so fast. I will buy all my trapping supplies with you in the future. Thanks for the great service and prices.  "
Posted By: Tom McElroy
"I have been very happy with your products, customer support, employee knowledge, and prompt delivery.  I have reviewed other trapping supply company’s and have chosen to stay with you and recommend your services to my local Michigan group.  Keep doing what you're doing :) Thank you"
Posted By: Tony Hopeck
"You have the best inventory, and easy to use webb site.  Plus your little tips that you place in your catelogs are very good, especially for youngsters and new commers to snaring.    I have made quite a few referrals to your company over the years. Keep up the good work "
Posted By: Kent McCleary N.W. Ohio
"Just wanted to say thanks for go'n the extra mile, staying late, and making sure I got my order one way or another."
Posted By: Curt Dudley Iowa
"Thanks very much! The packaged arrived yesterday. I was expecting it next month given the busy Christmas period! We've already tested it out, just waiting to see if it improves our catch rates. Thanks again, "
Posted By: Amelia
"Thanks so much Snare Shop, I received my order a couple days ago. Very pleased and already waiting to order from you guys again. Take care "
Posted By: Jamie Reardon St Anthony Canada
"Received the snares that I had ordered from the Snare Shop. Thank You. The package exceeded my expectations and needless to say I am really pleased with the purchase. Prompt service, excellent product, fast delivery. Look forward to making some additional purchases after the Holidays. Thanks again. "
Posted By: Jack Smiley
"I just snared my first fox on the 2nd night out with your WI cable restraints. I never thought I would have a fox down less that 1 week after placing my order.  Thanks again for the fast delivery of a fine product."
Posted By: Matt
"Just as typical as the many other orders that I have placed, it was delivered to me in great time.  Thanks for keeping me stocked up and extreme thanks for your professionalism.  Dealing with Snare Shop is a pleasure! "
Posted By: Steve Crawford SGH Pest Management, Inc.
"It's trapping season and u know how hectic that is and when you run out of something that is essential to your sport or in my case my living it is great to have the snare shop with your great customer service and speedy shipping. found if i order from anywhere else, in or out of state usually takes a week to receive. u take 2 days at its on my step  thanks again."
Posted By: Matt Battleson Nuisance Wildlife Regulators
"My grandson John Jensen won one of the drawings at your open house. I would like to let you both know how much I appreciate what you’re doing. I’m glad to see young trappers there and you folks doing special things just for them. I hope the open house was a success and you are able to have one again next year. Thank you and have a great day  August 25, 2011 "
Posted By: Kenny Arnold
"I got my trap this morning and set it upon returning back through my line I got a bobcat after setting it 10 minutes before thats a 150 $ pelt thanks so much August 23, 2011"
Posted By: Nathan
"I have received my order, safely packaged and in a timely manner. I am quite happy with my purchase and will be ordering some supplies from you in the near future. Thank you for having the items that I needed and with a decent price. July 3, 2011 "
Posted By: Dale Payne
"I received 12 roundup snares from you on Saturday. This is my first attempt at snaring coons and possums that are harassing my chickens. 4 snares were set Monday night.  This morning I caught my first possum. Second night success!  Thank you so much for a great product, great catalog, great website with great information and fast service. I’m putting together my next order!! Thanks again!"
Posted By: Debbie Webster
"Unbelievable!!!   USPS is really hot.  I read about how they're in financial trouble but the service has FedEx and UPS beat, to Hawaii anyway.  You mailed my box Tues afternoon  and in was in my PO box on an outer Hawaiian island, today Thurs at noon.  "
Posted By: Greg … Hawaii
"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for answering my questions the other day and in getting my catalog to me so fast. I actually sent the same question to two other companies at the same time I emailed you. You guys got back to me inside of ten minutes and had a catalog here in a couple days. I still haven't heard from the other two, guess I know where I'm buying my snares."
Posted By: Bob Smith
"Thank you so much snare shop! the lures an baits work great, awesome  success in one nite. "
Posted By: Bobby Powers
"Wow! My son and I ordered our Missouri legal cable restraints last night on your web site in hopes that we might only miss a day or two of the season since we procrastinated so long.  We've been instructors for cable restraint certification for several years now and haven't set one yet.  This year we dedicated ourselves to getting some experience with them.  To my surprise, our order was on our front porch this evening when I got home from work!  How do you do it?  Thanks for providing excellent customer service with an American made product. "
Posted By: Kyle Reno
"I just wanted to say thank you very much for all of your help prior to Christmas.  Your professional manner and speedy delivery was completely awesome to deal with.  Your traps have already earned back all the money that I spent on them. LOL   Thanks again and hope to be doing business with you again soon. January 12, 2010 "
Posted By: Steve Crawford - SGH Pest Management, Inc.
"Wow good service and very cheap traps and i now buy all of my trapping stuff from the snare shop i plan on buying more traps and i know that my money is going to the right place. 23 May 2011"
Posted By: Spencer Schrader. Carroll, IA.
"I just want to thank you for a very fast shipping, very good packing and really great service and detail, the catalog the tips and all the info include is awsome, I live in Costa Rica, practice survival and hunting and want to be prepare to trapping in case of emergency, with this great survival kit I can go and live in the jungle for the rest of my live, incredible construction, strong and smooth working, only wait for weekend to try some, Thank you very much, great work, service and product, wish the best to you. 15 February 2011 "
Posted By: William Chaverri Costa Rica, Centralamerica.
"I have to thank you i am 13 and love trapping and survival . i make my own snares,locks,swivels,and even ferrules .  U guys helped me learn though and for that i thank u . caught my first fox the other day and it made my season worth while i will be ordering soon thanks for the info. 04 February 2011"
Posted By: John Michael
"Guys, Received my order Tuesday evening (2-01-11), and by Wednesday evening had live trapped Mr. Big, a jumbo sized fox squirrel that had grown fat stealing me blind of fruit from my orange tree. Next headed to the ranch to try out the new snares on a couple of feral hogs who unfortunately for us have taken a certain liking to one of our hay pastures. Fast service and quality products - keep it up!  02 February 2011 "
Posted By: Jeff Galow East Texas
"Your Products  'ROCK'... Pigs used to be a problem for the deer feeders.  Your 3/32 snares w/ camlocks have solved a lot of damage and rooting problems....not to mention keeping the cost of fresh market 'meat' to a minimum.  Thanx for making my new hobby both fun and inexpensive. Another 'roast' next weekend… 12 January 2011"
Posted By: Ken Burgess Central Florida
"I ordered some snares and was cooking up snared rabbits within 72 hours of sending my order!  Great service, great snares, and great info on the website 03 January 2011 "
Posted By: Corey Geving Minnesota
"Good price, "VERY FAST" shipping! Ordered on Sunday evening, recieved Tuesday! Outstanding! fair shipping charges! Theres no other option for me.   15 December 2010"
Posted By: James Gooden NE Missouri
"I have made three orders with the Snareshop and they have processed and shipped my orders so quick it was unbelievable. They also have answered all of my email questions as quick. I have no reason to shop anywhere else for my trapping supplies. Thank you Snare Shop for treating me so good. 28 November 2010 "
Posted By: Donald Frisch Pesacola Fl
"I used some snares and caught many raccoons i will always purchase my traps here. 26 November 2010"
Posted By: Levi S. Iowa
"You guy have got the best beaver snares i have ever used!!!!  love the lures to making out better this year then ever so far. first time user of you products and very very happy thanks!!!!!!! 04 November 2010 "
Posted By: Matt Kahlstorf Laporte MN
"You folks have very good prices and your turn around time on filling, shipping orders is phenomenal, ordered American Bench Swager, and American Cable Cutter late in the afternoon and it was shipped the same day.  Whenever I need anything that you carry I will be back to place my order. 17 October 2010"
Posted By: Alan Davido Utah
"Outstanding customer service and can't beat there prices! Will be doing alot more if not all of my buisness for trapping supplies here from now on! Highly recommended!!!! 16 October 2010 "
Posted By: James Tabor Medina Tennessee
"Thank your all of your help. Your service is admirable and your ability to help us old timers that have not been on a trap or snare line for many years is exceptional.  You have gone more than the extra mile to be of assistance. Thank you so very much....... 07 October 2010"
Posted By: Mudhole Reserve, New Mexico
"Thank you very much for your service. I purchased a live trap two weeks ago. Since it's been set me and my son Randal have caught one skunk, and a fox kit. It took three days. Thank you! 16 July 2010 "
Posted By: Glen Reddon Worland, Wyoming
"I had never used snares before until a little over a year ago when coyotes started killing my sheep. With some tips from The Snare Shop and some friends I have caught 14 coyotes in my pasture and haven't lost a sheep in over a year!! 22 June 2010"
Posted By: Roger Jones
"You guys are top notch. very quick shipping, and you guys have everything any trapper needs for the field. Im a life time customer for sure. I just wish I lived closer so I could visit the store. Keep up the great work and when October comes around. I'll be ordering more supplies for the up coming trapping season. 10 June 2010 "
Posted By: Kyle Kurzawa New Jersey
"Thank you for donating the wolf snares to the Alaska Trappers Association. I won the snares at the raffle held during our monthly meeting earlier this spring. The snares will be used during the coming season north of Fairbanks. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THE ALASKA TRAPPERS ASSOCIATION!! 27 May 2010"
Posted By: S S
"I was told by an old timer at a sportsman show last spring that although your prices were not the lowest around, they were fair AND any slight extra that I might end up paying would be more than made up for in Customer Service which he said was second to none.  With all the questions, and cooperation with putting this order together.  BOY WAS HE NOT KIDDING. You definately are the only trapping supplier I will ever deal with in the future and I will be recommending you to all the farmers in the area (all of whom are having a big problem with groundhogs this year).  With just the four snares I had left over from last year I have already caught nearly a dozen ground hogs. 05 May 2010 "
Posted By: Steve Grosvenor
"Thank you for the FAST & GREAT service!! 06 April 2010"
Posted By: D Ballinger
" Thanks for all the great products and such quick service. 29 March 2010 "
Posted By: Sydney Combs
"Thank you for the donation to our Alaskan Trappers Association annual monthly raffle we have at our meetings. Your snare will be used on my trapline in Fairbanks, Alaska. As of now I have caught a lynx in one of my snares I won at the raffle. THANK YOU!! 26 March 2010"
Posted By: SS SS
"I have used your live catch snares with really good results I ordered 5 dozen of the regular live catch snares an can’t complain about them at all I had a few chew outs but I think it was because I got there later than I should have thanks for the great products you have I hope the professionals will be better than the regular ones 22 February 2010 "
Posted By: James Paris
"When the ground gets wet and frozen I can always count on your snares to catch several bobcats and coyotes. 18 February 2010"
Posted By: Chris Huhman
"We caught three coyotes in 10 days here in New Jersey using your black jersey legal snares. We also caught 3 red fox and 21 coons. These snares work great. 17 February 2010 "
Posted By: Dean McKee
"I just want to thank you for all the friendly and helpful service. You folks have never guided me wrong. Thank you for always providing me with sound advice. I don't do much trapping or snaring because the coonhounds do all the work for me, however I do buy all of my fur handling equipment from you. So I can put the fur up properly, efficiently and get top dollar for it. The equipment always shows up quick and in great condition. Keep up the great work. You have my and the hounds loyalty as customers. 11 February 2010"
Posted By: Zac Bakley, North Platte, NE
"Thank you for making a great product. I used one of you cable restraints  to catch this Bobcat. 32lb 10oz Male, my catch of lifetime. Thank you, 25 January 2010 "
Posted By: Jesse Sheppeck Southwest MO
"Your website is great. Very user friendly and full of useful information. 19 January 2010"
Posted By: Jerry Perry
"Incredibly fast on getting things shipped out as well as selling increadible products... I will never buy trapping products from anyone else ever again!!! 10 January 2010 "
Posted By: J Harrison
"Realized we had a Fox problem this past Wednesday, ordered the 42 in. Sure-Lock 5/64 Stealth black snares from you guys that night, received your prompt shipment yesterday and had set all dozen by noon, and this morning he was awaiting me. It was so awesome and quite a rush to see him...considering I had never tried snaring before in my life and that I got him so quick. Thanks! 09 January 2010"
Posted By: Rhett Colwell Middletown, Maryland
"I love your products and the successful fun they provide. I am a faithful customer and have no doubt that will continue for a long time to come. 04 January 2010 "
Posted By: Steve Dykstra
"Your company makes it great to order ,and your fast shipping is great. thank you for such a great web site . hope to send pics of this seasons catch. 29 December 2009"
Posted By: Chris German
"Awesome job with the supplies and shipping last time, I will only do business with you for all my trapping supplies!!! 22 December 2009 "
Posted By: W Clark
"I was just in your store and you guys are awesome i asked what to use for badger and then i got the 220 conibear and then u guys were the best because i asked if u had some red fox urine and i got 1 oz for .88$ December 2009"
Posted By: Spencer Schrader Carroll Iowa
"Thanks for great products.  Being a NWCO in cattle country, your snares in fence lines is the most productive method of coyote control for me. I have the last 5 dozen set, just got 2 more farms last week.  I'll have to order more pretty soon. Thanks again.  29 November 2009 "
Posted By: Sydney Combs Owingsville, KY
"Thank you very much for the great products and service. My son and I both order from you and nothing but great experiences! THANK YOU 18 November 2009"
Posted By: Kelly New Jersey
"Thank you very much for supporting Alaska Tapping Association and their efforts to educate and continue our global heritage. 12 November 2009 "
Posted By: R Beal
"Hi guys hope your all settled into the new shop really glad to see the new line of product really like the service i get from you . Had no luck with the new snares last year but it was late in the season and im just learning. Did catch a coon after season that was getting in my crawl space guess thats a start that again a life customer now. 26 October 2009"
Posted By: J Hein
"I used some of your snares last year and had GREAT success, thanks for the great products! 22 October 2009 "
Posted By: P Kramer
"I bought a few items from you when you were at the NTA convention in Goshen In. a few years back and with a snare and a couple of tips from you on how to catch this big boy that I had seen and had had him elude some of my other sets...well I finally got that big northern Indiana Yote. I call him 50lbs but he was actually 49 lbs and believe me I tried everything to get 1 more pound out of him, he was 64" long, so now his tanned pelt resides on the top of our sofa and when it gets cold in the winter and I get a might bit chilled, yep you guessed it I grab that Big Boy and he warms me up. Thanks for the help and great products 22 September 2009"
Posted By: Tim Torrance Indiana
"Thanks for supplying great components to the UK, your service is second to none. 21 September 2009 "
Posted By: Ian Woods UK
"Love the first ones (Live Catch Coyote Snares) caught 3 the first time i used them. 07 August 2009"
Posted By: White Oak Farms Arkansas
"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for answering my questions the other day and in getting my catalog to me so fast. I actually sent the same question to two other companies at the same time I emailed you. You guys got back to me inside of ten minutes and had a catalog here in a couple days. I still haven't heard from the other two, guess I know where I'm buying my snares. 01 June 2009 "
Posted By: Bob Smith New York
"Just got my small order today and I am impressed with the speed of delivery, efficiency and quality of the snares.  Thanks.  I will never be one of your largest customers, but among the most pleased.  No more bent washers and  crimped brass nuts for me. 02 April 2009"
Posted By: Larry C. Virginia
"I made 30 snares of two lengths that have in-line swivels, mini stealth dispatch springs and replicable loops of stealth cable. In five weeks I took 1 coyote, 3 cats, 29 R+G fox, 6 lg early spring boar coon and a Grey wolf(released-foot caught) in N. central MN. My best snaring season yet. The stealth cable is the BEST. Ready right out of the box. Just wish it came also in a lighter color for snow setting. The dispatch springs work so well that more than half the snares that caught fox/cats were still usable a second and one a third time before replacing the loop side. The 1/19 cable is very resilent. March 2009 "
Posted By: Drake Jaokson Minnesota
"I wanted to again to say thank you for the generous donation to our Pheasants Forever fundraiser.  I built a little display for the raffle table and the attached pictures are of what I came up with.  It was a conversation starter!  I gave 4 or 5 impromptu demos to the folks in the organization just while we were setting up. I also spoke with the winner of the raffle - offering any help I could to get him started.  He has been trapping since he was a kid (looked to be in his late 20's), but had never snared.  I gave him all my contact info and said any time you want to go over this, 'let me know'.  I figure I'll hear back from him.  I'm sure you'll have a few new customers from our chapter - coyotes are a problem around here.   When people heard I caught 9 on about a 1/2 mile of fence line (with 7 of those being females), everyone got a little fired up. Any how, thanks again for my funnest winter I can remember and for the great donation! 01 March 2009"
Posted By: TIm Blacklock Washtenaw County Michigan
"Thanks for shipping my order so quickly. Everything arrived in good order. The videos were well worth the investment and saved me a great deal of time searching for and acquiring workable and functional skills. Thanks Again, I'll be back 17 February 2009 "
Posted By: Rocky Weeks Arkansas
"Thanks for livening up the winter!  A buddy at work got me interested in snaring and sent me to you.  I then recruited my good friend/neighbor and we all had a little training session.  We have three coyotes to our credit and anxious for more.  My buddy is still working for his first for the season.  Good teacher - better students - Ha!  Thanks to Jeff for getting us started and to the Snare Shop for great supplies and ultra-fast service. P.S.  Had an incidental catch with a dog.  The relaxing lock on the Michigan snares worked as designed and the dog was returned to it's owner unharmed.  22 January 2009"
Posted By: Tim B. Michigan
"I ordered some snares for my uncle for Christmas not knowing the state laws of Ohio. Enclosed in the package I found a note stating that it was illegal to use snares without deer stops in our state. It also said that you sent us the snares with the deer stops instead. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me give my uncle a great Christmas. 26 December 2008 "
Posted By: Chris Czenkus Ohio
"Coyote was caught using your coyote eliminator snares. Great products, keep it up! 13 December 2008"
Posted By: Bill A. Nebraska
"BMI mini's and Micro Locks have worked real well for me catching Fox and Lynx here in Alaska. Great Products- Thanks 03 December 2008 "
Posted By: Hagenston Alaska
"Hey guys I love you online store!!! Sry about all the little orders I am in high school and buying supplies as I get coons sold and have money coming in. I have relatives Iowa and I am really hoping to get to your actual store sometime. Thanks again for everything and you great service keep up the good work. 12 November 2008"
Posted By: Josh P. Nebraska
"HI, Thanks you for mailing the gloves - they ought to work pretty good for working in the garden pond. "
Posted By: Jill H. Iowa
"Thank you for your prompt shipment.  I have already caught several problem coyotes with your snares. Thanks, 11 November 2008"
Posted By: D. Vermont Tennessee
"Good morning, After numerous attempts to snare a wise old bear I purchased the M15 foot snare from you and on the second attempt I got him.  He weighed 482 pounds and he was a beautiful bear.  This bear snaring experience will be remembered for a long time.(until I get a bigger one)Thanks again, from Maine November 2008 "
Posted By: R. Sites Maine
"No one else but the snare shop for me. Thanks for your help and your product. The Tenn. Trapper 26 August 2008"
Posted By: Mr. Gott Tennessee
"I hope you have a great success with your new store, and the best of luck. The snare shop has never let me down and, always has what I need. 16 August 2008 "
Posted By: Michael Gross
"Thanks for the skunk trap #ADC6. I ordered the trap on 3 17 08, received it on 3 21 08, I set the trap on 3-21 08, I put a little peanut butter on a Ritz cracker and had my first skunk on 3 23 08. How much better can that be? The trap works just great!!!! 23 March 2008"
Posted By: Jeff Detrick Ohio
"here is my day 1 traping check. i caught 8 coon and a badger. this was my first badger ever and it was caught in a snare. i am using the 5 foot 3/32 snareshop snares. working great. i trap part time around school and work. snares really help run a longer line faster to increase my chances for success. Thanks Snareshop!! 11 March 2008 "
Posted By: A. Rosburg Iowa